Executive Coaching and Counseling for Professionals and Their Families

About Anne

I’ve lived a full life and hope my education, experiences and training can help you address the issues you’re facing.

Anne Saldich, Ph.D., MFT

Anne Saldich, Ph.D., MFT

Anne Saldich works with professionals and their families on issues such as work/life balance, self management, more effective communication with colleagues, friends and family, self-actualization, career development, and the displacement that emerges from relocation and later life transitions. Her method is time-limited, problem focused, solution oriented, and cost-effective.

Her specialties are: stress, anger management, anxiety, depression, relationships (personal and professional), work/life balance, career development, life transitions (marriage, separation, divorce, loss and grieving), retirement, job loss, parenting, in-laws.

Experienced counselor, personal coach, published author, mentor and educator, Saldich taught at UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, Notre Dame College Belmont and the French Press Institute in Paris. She has presented papers at national and international conferences, and published articles in London, Paris, Dublin and the United States. Her book Electronic Democracy, about television and democracy in America, is a classic.

Saldich has experienced the stress connected with relocating from one country to another. She lived one year in England and four in Paris where she received her Ph.D. in sociology, with honors from the Sorbonne. In addition, she has traveled in 27 countries on five continents.

Saldich also has experiential knowledge of career change and later life transitions. In her mid-fifties she began a six-year journey towards the counseling license, MFT, completing a second master's degree, with high honors in psychology, and diverse internships about issues pertaining to professionals, people with addictions to drugs and alcohol, the frail elderly, children in K-6th grades, adolescents, as well as general family practice issues.

For nearly thirty-five years in Palo Alto, Saldich's community service provided her with an opportunity to be a board member for the American Association of University Women, organize and facilitate an Amnesty International conference on human rights, co-found and be a board member of the International Visitors Hospitality Center, serve on the League of Women Voters' board, co-chair Palo Alto's Subcommittee on Environment for the Year 2000, chair and mediate for the City's Rental Housing and Mediation Task Force, and do publicity for the Career Action Center. She has worked pro bono for Palo Alto's rape crisis line, and with adolescents and their families at Gunn High School.

A recipient of the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Dr. Saldich was also elected a member of the honorary counseling fraternity Chi Sigma Iota. She has been married, was a single parent, and is a grandmother.